I dont like most Afonja governor at all but I like this Ambode and Jimi Agbaje

I dont like most Afonja governor at all but I like this Ambode and Jimi Agbaje

I dont like most Afonja governor at all but I like this Ambode and Jimi Agbaje

Ambode have for some reason deserted the Badagry expressway. The Reason Why? Not one person knows placing people through angry torture each day yet the guy reveals photographs of Epe expressway which started after Badagry street.

These residences have started complete and all of that is required is vote and allotment but Governor Ambode left the residences and place after that under lock for no explanation

Lets go on to waste. Lagos stinks. Their termination from the PSP got crap and pointless. This is a method that works well and employed almlost 25,000 visitors like road sweepers and abruptly, the governor terminated it. In the event it was cancelled for starters that worked it could made awareness but no. Cleaner Lagos is an ill-thiught idea that is found on its very own, ground for impeachment.

Homes. I know about 3 casing jobs that were finished because of the Fashola management in Ikorodu, Alimosho, Iyana Iba, Jakande Estate etc. Another good surface for impeachment.

Its these things men complain about but to thise just who dont notice, they believe simply because of bribes or party investment. You finished the jobs of 25,000 men employed beneath the PSP tools and presumed there wont feel consequencies.

Look at the monstrusity becoming https://datingranking.net/pl/eurodate-recenzja/ created at Oshodi. That project depresses myself……the resources sunk there may be familiar with build jetties and get ferried to just take individuals from Badagry, Ikorodu and Iyana Iba to your isle each day therefore easing the visitors. But this will be Givernor Ambode. He feels in “run larger or go homeward”

I hope Sanwoolu do even worse to people APC elders and additionally they would need Ambode back. Just what are they contacting their telephone for? Just what exactly if the guy doesnt answer all of them?

This Sanwoolu will be worse. He cant loose time waiting for inauguration day getting right here fast enough. We question if he rests. He is everywhere. Storey strengthening collapse he had been there ahead of the sitting governor. Haba!

They are not a governor however, already planning to Aso and giving pr release. Chap relax ya all the way down and dont get a attack trying to demonstrate is subsequent governor. Nincompoop!

First of, whilst connection at Abule Egba was lovely, how can you describe Ambode’s building a BRT way in Lagos-Abeokuta expressway and also at once design a link in Agege?

I’m hoping Jubril el Sudan discover something excellent for your in the cabinet. Indeed if Atiku have obtained im positive we’d make him an Accountant standard.

That’s the problem. You stick to the isle, in Epe and you also judge after that that Ambode carried out and soon you vacation to Alimosho, Agege, FESTAC, Iyana Iba and you also see hell.

Mind you, Alimisho and Agege become huge voting obstructs. While these are generally projects you need, also streets that select visitors to function and home every day

These streets serve as biggest and alternate highway hence fixing all of them on top of that only suggests people will go back home at c. The typical thing a federal government with human being part perform will be carry out remedial job on one, pay attention to another once which finished, begin main focus on another.

Ambode have for reasons uknown discontinued the Badagry expressway. Exactly Why? No body understands. Putting people through crazy torture daily however he reveals photographs of Epe expressway which began after Badagry highway.

Lets move to waste. Lagos stinks. Their termination from the PSP was actually crap and pointless. It was a system that works well and utilized almlost 25,000 men and women including road sweepers and abruptly, the governor cancelled it. Whether it had been terminated for example that worked it could are making awareness but no. Cleaner Lagos had been an ill-thought indisputable fact that is on unique, ground for impeachment.