Peregination of JMV

Music Room: 

As time has changed the importance of other activity is also strengthening its roots in society so we prepare our children in the way that they can stand strong in academic and other activity too. We provide them all possible musical instruments to go further in that stream.

Well equipped Science lab: 
For proper education of science it is necessary to have science laboratory. Our school science lab has various kind of scientific apparatus and equipment. Where students learn to handle various apparatus and think independently with the guidance of teachers. In our school laboratory students have to carry out experiment collectively which help them to develop their spirit of co-operation and team work

Computer lab: 
Our school is having a well equipped computer lab with 20 computers and projectors to give computer knowledge to the students. We also allow the students to make projects and also we conduct software exhibition. Since it is a digital age so our aim is to impart latest and advance study of computer so that our students will not lag behind and compete with fellow friends.

Our school auditorium is having features with good sound absorption and isolation. Central stage is the attraction of our auditorium room where entry and exit gates help to run program without any disturbance. There students enthusiastically rehearse the practice of various cultural program and sports activities. Special feature of our auditorium is we can use it in multipurpose way.

Our school has a small amusement park for pre primary classes. As the small kids has just step up to study we taught them in play and learn method. Climbing up the stairs of slide we tell them to count. Reciting poem in swing. identifying the colors and names of flowers in the surrounding, etc

Toy room and TV roomt: 
OAs the small butterflies just entered into the world of learning we try to help them in the way they want to. We teach them in learning using play and learn method. we have colorful toys which help them to get familiar with the colors and counting method. We also provide television for their entertainment, We also teach them poems through audio-visual way.

In our school we have a library where we provide books as much as we can. We provide different types of books such as stories, Dictionary, encyclopedia, etc. to enhance the knowledge of students we also provide educational magazines to the students to increase their vocabulary and reading habit and to gain general knowledge. As it is rightly said, “Books are the best friend of man.”

Creativity room: 
In creative class students don’t just look different, they feel different . We provide an environment where student are more likely to express their ideas. We have a room where student can display their creativity by decorating the room with their artistic art and craft work.We also arrange art gallery during “Annual Gathering’.